Trunk or Treat

Save-the-Date & Time - Sunday, October 28th at 5:30 p.m., for our annual Trunk-or-Treat ! Plan to decorate your vehicle and to hand out candy/prizes! We will be collecting canned goods for the Food Pantry and change for UMCOR flood buckets at the entrance, have games in the multi-purpose room, and drinks/snacks in the dining room. Please sign-up and bring your decorated vehicle, or sign-up to help in another way—I need greeters to welcome families and to help collect donations, older youth to help with games, and I need help with dining room refreshments.

For all of our Trunk-or-Treat providers, please be considerate of peanut/tree nut allergies; as you are probably aware, allergies are a growing concern throughout the United States. Millions of children and their families are impacted by this, and peanut allergies are usually the most dangerous. The Baldwinsville Nursery School does not allow peanut/tree nut snacks. The Easter Egg hunt and VBS were peanut/tree nut free. For Trunk-or-Treat, Christian Education will not be handing out any treats with peanuts/tree nuts, however there might be peanut/tree nut treats given out by other participants.

You can still hand out the treats of your choice from your vehicle but let us make it easier for caregivers and children to advocate for themselves. If your candy has peanuts/tree nuts or has been processed in a plant with those ingredients, please keep that candy in a separate labeled bowl, so that caregivers & children will know. If we keep the candy separate, it may help families whose children have these challenging, life-threatening allergies. You are also welcome to bring non-candy prizes like tattoos, erasers, or stickers; many of the children who attend Trunk-or-Treat are young and will appreciate these gifts in place of candy (especially those with allergies). If you select to do this, be sure to keep the toys/trinkets separated from all food treats. Thank you for putting in the extra thought and time regarding this.