Men's Ministry

Our Identity, Call, and Mission

UM Men are committed to spiritual growth of men, who experience God’s transforming power in their lives, and pass on their faith to live and grow in others.

Men growing in Christ,
so others may know Christ.

Our Primary Mission is to help men mature as disciples of Jesus Christ so they may encourage spiritual formation in others.
Our Goal is to empower the ministry of Jesus Christ through men within and beyond United Methodist congregations.
Our Pathway is a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth to maturity as Christ followers. Our spiritual formation is marked by spiritual reproduction, as our faith passes on in others. Spiritual reproduction is the foundation of evangelism.

We hold these essential precepts and values:
• Men lead others best by modeling Jesus Christ in thoughts, words and deeds – “Follow me, as I follow Christ” is the call offered by godly leaders.
• As the faith of mature disciples passes on to others, the spiritual life cycle is completed.
• We trust and employ core Wesleyan principles working within small groups, transforming men’s hearts through a growing relationship with God and others.
• We desire to become effective spiritual leaders in our homes and congregations, working as partners with our spouses, pastors and congregational leaders.
• We strive to help our congregation become vital and alive with spiritually growing men.
• Everything desired from and through men comes as a result of men growing spiritually and maturing as disciples: family blessings, stewardship, service, outreach, prayer, spiritual leadership, evangelism, and faithful obedience. Men are foundational to the life and health of the church.
• When a man lives daily in surrendered faith, God is honored and many lives are blessed. Transformed hearts are forged only within Christ-centered lives – nothing less is our acceptable offering; nothing less truly reveals Christ.

The mission of the General Commission on UM Men is to assist men to know Jesus Christ, to serve him, to grow spiritually and seek daily to do his will. Our mission is captured within our motto: “Men growing in Christ, so others may know Christ.

The Baldwinsville First United Methodist Church has proudly been a chartered United Methodist Men's (UMM) unit since 1994.  We meet most months on the third Saturday at 8:00AM for breakfast and a speaker for about 90 minutes in the church dining room.  Please consult the church calendar for specifics.  All men and older boys are welcome.

Please contact:
President Alan Lindsey - 315-857-4609;
Vice-President  Jerry Barker - 315-251-5633;
Prayer Advocate George Ramseyer - UM Men’s Ministry Specialist, 315-638-8177,
Secretary Craig Barrett - 315-345-9604;
Treasurer David Horan - 315-638-2407;
Scout Liaison Gene Evans - 315-635-8151;