Many Struggles of Life

Many of the struggles of life and faith deal with the issue of the will of God.

Spaced over the next few weeks will be 3 sermons dealing with topics such as: Where Is God in These Circumstances? (6/22) Is God’s Plan Always Realized? (7/6) Does Prayer Make Any Difference? (7/13) You are invited to write down questions you might have on this topic and give them to Dr. Lundgren.

Rev. Patricia Walz: Letter of Introduction

walz-patricia_4t8nsgks.jpgHello!  I am Patti Lee Walz and I am looking forward to meeting and working with you as your part-time Associate Pastor beginning August 17th.  I will be focusing on Pastoral Care and Visitations within our community and come to you with life-long experiences in this field.  I am very thankful to be guided by Rev. Voigt Archer who has served you faithfully these past years.

I am originally from Liverpool, NY, but my mother’s family is originally from the Baldwinsville area and my husband Vic and I live out past Beaver Lake.  We are the home on Fenner Road with the tall ham radio towers in the backyard (my husband Victor’s hobby – not mineJ)