Pastor Patti's Picks

I am an avid reader and consumer of various media. Each month I will share with you that which I’ve found to be spiritually motivating and/or relevantly informative. Enjoy! 
“Mr. Church,” movie 
             Vic and I did something unusual last night.  We actually sat down after dinner and watched a movie!  We chose “Mr. Church” (2016) and I’ve chosen it as our summer Pastor Pick.  Warning – before watching, grab a box of tissues. 
            This movie was inspired by a true story straight out of writer Susan McMartin’s childhood.  When she was a child, her mother had a boyfriend whose cook came to live with them.   Susan shares her story in an article that can be found online, “The Cook Who Came to Live With Us” and that cook was named Mr. Church.  (really!)

"Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time"

Let the church office or me know by mid-June if you would be interested in such a the class.
We are considering offering “Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time” by Marcus J. Borg, on Tuesday evenings early this fall. The class would go for seven weeks. The daytime class felt that the class was one that others might enjoy.  Marcus Borg is a progressive study but what I have learned in preparing this class is more about how to read the gospels with greater understanding. It has been a challenging study to prepare and I hope it moves one forward in their Christian journey.  By examining different authors, we can expand, solidify, and better verbalize our own faith as we come to understand it.   I need at least 5 people to be a part of the class so that we can have a good discussion. Jan Beall (635-1356)

Church on the Island

Rev. Patti Walz is leading worship services at the Paper Mill Island Amphitheater, Baldwinsville this summer. The informal, ½ hour, non-denominational worship begins at 8:00 a.m.  Bring a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy the cool breezes, rising sun, inspiration, and fellowship. 

Eureka! Book Club

A summer reading suggestion: “The High Mountains of Portugal” by Yann Martel.
We will meet again in September.

Grief Support Group

Our next meeting is July 19 at 6:30 p.m.
This is a monthly support group that meets on the third Wednesday of every month for those that have lost a loved one and would like to meet with others to talk or just to listen. A bereavement counselor is present. Our next meeting is July 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the church library; refreshments served.

O.W.L.S. Picnic

Our next gathering is on Thursday, July 20 at 1:00 p.m. in the church dining room.  Please bring a dish-to-pass; meat and place settings will be provided. (Patricia Kline, 315-678-1694)